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The St Stephen’s Queen Victoria (SSQV) Trust Board is the governing body of St Stephen’s School | Tīpene and Queen Victoria School | Kuīni Wikitoria, which are among Aotearoa New Zealand’s oldest and most prestigious boarding schools serving young Māori men and women. SSQV schools entrench tikanga Māori with Anglican values to develop character beyond the curriculum. Our schools recognise that nothing is more important than the essential goal of building good character. Our commitment to character is seen in our focus on the SSQV Graduate.

Our kura focus not only on what is learned but how it is learned, providing a holistic approach to education that fosters the talents and development of each student.

We concentrate on creating an environment that elevates rangatahi through providing an equitable education model with a deliberate goal to ensure rangatahi Māori excel. We acknowledge connection to one’s whakapapa is paramount. We give attention to crafting leaders who are fit for iwi aspirations and ready to give back to their community.

The purpose of the St Stephen’s and Queen Victoria Schools Trust is documented in its Trust Deed and can be summarised as follows:

“The advancement and propagation of education for children in New Zealand, principally for girls and boys of New Zealand Māori descent but including peoples of all races and denominations, principally through the provision and management of schools and the provision and continuing development of an integrated curriculum which features foundation teaching, learning skills and excellence and blends elements of Māori concepts and Christian values with the New Zealand education curriculum.”

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